101 things to use baby wipes for

  1. Wiping your face 
  2. Wiping your hands 
  3. Washing other bodily bits 
  4. Cleaning oil off fingers
  5. Cleaning metal bodywork 
  6. Wiping counter tops
  7. Cleaning mirrors
  8. Cleaning dashboards 
  9. Getting the grease off steering wheels
  10. Wiping window rubbers
  11. Squeezing into dashboard air vents to clean 
  12. Getting grease off the outside of ovens
  13. Cooling localised burns
  14. Getting bugs off windscreens
  15. Cleaning shoes
  16. Getting dirt from pets fur
  17. Wiping up small food spills
  18. Cleaning toilets 
  19. Held by rubber bands to back brush for cleaning your back 
  20. Refreshing face wipe in the heat
  21. Cleaning computer screens
  22. Wiping food spills off clothes
  23. Swiftly picking up hairs from a smooth surface
  24. Cleaning mouse mats
  25. Cleaning anything neoprene
  26. Wiping plates etc that don’t need washing
  27. Wiping pans and anything else that doesn’t need proper washing
  28. Cleaning finger grease from keyboards
  29. Wiping the outside of cameras
  30. Wiping wellies down 
  31. Soothing hot feet
  32. Cleaning out ears
  33. Wiping greasy woodwork down
  34. Wiping fly screen mesh
  35. Cleaning blinds
  36. Folded up and used to stop things rattling
  37. Heated, make great wipes for greasy hands
  38. Cooled, make great wipes for sweaty faces
  39. Using as a white surrender flag in case aliens attack 
  40. Cleaning off excess glue from a repair 
  41. Wiping dirty tools 
  42. Cleaning long electric cables 
  43. Wiping dusty wing mirrors 
  44. Cleaning curry from a beard
  45. Cleaning bolognese from a beard
  46. Wiping stubborn coffee rings up
  47. Replacement for toilet paper
  48. Bunging up a sink when the plugs lost
  49. Getting price stickers off things
  50. Wiping the baby’s bum! 
  51. Helping you to grip tight jar lids
  52. Cleaning fly fluids after you splatted on on the wall
  53. Wiping leather seats 
  54. Cleaning washing rope 
  55. Cleaning ponchos 
  56. Cleaning the dog’s anal glands 
  57. Wiping spills off jars
  58. Taking make up off 
  59. Rubbing pet hairs up
  60. Clearing sand off feet and hands
  61. Wiping kids hands after ice cream
  62. Toilet paper when public loos have one
  63. Wiping public loo seats
  64. Cleaning sticky cafe tables
  65. Wiping salty fingers after McD’s
  66. Wrapping round very hot takeaway cups
  67. Wiping dust off solar panels 
  68. Tie round hose ends to control drips
  69. Used in a sink as a disposable flannel 
  70. Wiping CD’s
  71. Rubbing against clothes to get creases out
  72. Cleaning the leaves of house plants
  73. Getting rid of white deodorant marks from clothes 
  74. Cleaning stainless steel sinks
  75. Wiping your nose when you have a cold
  76. A quick clean after al fresco sex 
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