What do you do for ten dollar….

I pulled into Bratislava about 5:00 am. I was up early and decided to make the move to find an early parking spot. So right on the edge of town I parked near some houses and got out my phone to check a couple of parking apps. 

I did notice a young girl walking past, partly because there was no-one around at that time of the morning and partly because apart from a long t shirt, she obviously wore nothing else: not even shoes. Odd for that time of the morning.

She was quite pretty and I idly wondered what she was up to as I went back to checking my apps. I realised after a moment though that she had stopped and turned and was heading back to where I was parked. I watched her out of the corner of my eye and sure enough she came up towards the van.

So obviously I checked my nostrils were clean, sucked my belly in and sat up straighter…as you do. 🙂

I opened the window as she got level with the van and said “Good morning.”

To which she replied by yanking up the T shirt to show her lady bits and saying in quite good English, “You can have it for €20.” I vaguely wondered if she meant the lady garden or the T shirt…

I was very tempted to grab my camera but I decided not to and simply had a very good gawk before shrugging and saying…”€10?”

Blonde in T shirt
Blonde in T shirt

I actually was not interested really, because although I don’t see a problem with prostitution in general, I’ve no need nor inclination to take advantage of it myself. But I was really just being playful by bartering for what I’m sure would be a lovely time. Or maybe it would not be and it would be 10 minutes of digging into a diseased pit of germs and filth, you never really know do you and especially in the odd circumstances…


Anyway, clearly €10 was not enough to plant seeds in her cherished garden so she said something foreign that sounded incredibly like “Fuck you!” and dropped her T shirt. 

I could not help but reply “You can for €10!” but she was walking away by then, barefoot, her lovely little bare bottom waving goodbye to me as she stomped off in search of the next mug. 

Only the second time in my life that I’ve been propositioned by a prostitute, and it made my morning lol Don’t you just love odd experiences, especially when they’re unexpected? 

Sorry there’s no photo for this story, but as a consolation here’s a googled image just for gratuitous sexual content 🙂


Once I’d parked I came back and wandered around the town for a while taking some photos. It was a beautiful day even though I’d got there about 5 am, the sun was up and it was warm and there was even a drunk still asleep on the floor in the middle of the path! So, in an hour I saw a drunk a whore and a nun. I also saw a bronze Napoleon but he wasn’t real…

Bratislava is nice enough I suppose, although 5 am on a Saturday morning isn’t the best time to see any town, as the council hasn’t finished cleaning up yet from the night before.  It’s not what I thought it was going to be: I expected old and dignified. Instead it was old and not dignified at all. It was pleasant enough to wander around the streets but if it was really busy I’m not sure how I’d feel about it. 

I much prefer the countryside of Slovakia and the nice little towns I came through on the  journey from Poland. Anyway, as ever here’s a few photos I took. 

Where I stayed: PetrĹľalka, Slovakia, 48.136669, 17.113909

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