Vienna, Austria

The Kunsthistorisches Museum
The Kunsthistorisches Museum is an art museum in Vienna, Austria.

To access Vienna I parked in an aire in Kritzendorf and it was very handy as the aire was beside a train station and it was only a few euros to go into the city. I didn’t write anything about Vienna for some time, I’ve done other places first. That’s partly because I was busy, and partly cos I was thinking about what to write. 

You see, and I know some trolls will castigate me for this but, I wasn’t that struck on Vienna.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful city, some of the buildings are amazing. But then so is Liverpool, and Newcastle on Tyne, and I think parts of London are way nicer than Vienna.

Admittedly I only spent one day there and there was lots I didn’t do, but really I didn’t do them because I wasn’t inspired to.

My overall impression being quite honest is that Vienna is trading on a name it had for being a top cosmopolitan European destination 100 years ago. It just doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor for me. It’s undoubtedly beautiful and if you could spend a whole day just walking around beautiful buildings you will love Vienna. There are of course some things to see like the Spanish riding school, cathedral, museums, art galleries and the palace but a quick look on Google or Trip Advisor would give you an idea if you might like it. Linz and Salzburg for me are much nicer partly because they’re smaller but seem to have just as much to see, but way more character and without eye watering prices. In Linz I went out every day with the sole purpose of waking the streets and exploring the city from end to end and corner to corner. Vienna on the other hand made me not want to explore, I had to force myself. The most interesting thing I found there was that it costs €150 euros to park overnight in the Rathausplatze. Yes one hundred and fifty euros. Nuts eh?

I would probably go back at some point and go in some of the museums etc, but I’d want to see other places first and would only go back if I had spare time.

Where I stayed: Kritzendorf, Austria, 3420, N48° 20.15′ E16° 17.917′

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