Freilassing…my saviour!

Freilassing aire
The formal main aire is closed for refurbishment, so this car park serves people for now

So, you remember when the hose split in Germany and the Peugeot man repaired it? Well a while later it looks like he did a bad repair, because the radiator is leaking now. 

OK you could say the radiator may have been damaged when all the coolant leaked out but all I can say is, at no time did any water or coolant leak from the radiator, it leaked from the split oil cooler hose. However I could be wrong…

So I found a small aire at Freilassing in Germany, 3 minutes over the border from Austria. It’s just a car park with no services as the main aire is being refurbished at the moment but it was perfect for not moving anywhere til I found a garage. I sent out numerous emails hoping I’d get a response but one thing I have found is that sending emails to garages seems to be like throwing sand at the sea, or spitting in the wind, or peeing in a river, or trying to keep a wife in shoes…well you get my drift, it’s a pointless exercise where the return is miniscule for the effort you put in. 

However I luckily got one response from a Peugeot dealer in Wals, Austria. I got it booked in but as it was the weekend coming it meant 4 days before I could get it seen to. 

Just behind Freilassing aire was this lovely view of a nearby mountain
Just behind Freilassing aire was this lovely view of a nearby mountain

Never mind the weather was fine and the car park was right next to some fields and the lovely little village of Freilassing so it was easy to fill my time. In fact exploring Freilassing I found 2 Peugeot dealers and emailed them also on the off chance. I never did get a reply from either of them. 

When I email anyone abroad I always write the message in their language and then repeat it in English. So there can’t be any case of not knowing that the heck I’m talking about. To be fair even in England I rarely get replies when emailing garages to ask about jobs and quotes etc. 

Never mind, I’m booked into the place at Wals so all is well. 

Where I stayed: Freilassing, Bayern, Germany, 833395, 47.84085, 12.98478

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