Breza, Slovakia

High Tatras
As you leave Poland and enter Slovakia you’re treated to this view of the High Tatras mountains in the distance.

Breza was a stop I hadn’t intended to make. I was simply tired and spotted a new view so pulled into a layby for a cuppa and to enjoy that view. Of course whenever I stop no matter how long it is since Jack had a walk, he has to get out also and explore the new land. So I took my cup of tea with me and we went for a walk along the river.

We’d only gone about 400 yards when I spotted a building through the trees and that building turned out to be a pub of all things.

So I left my cup by a fence and we set off to investigate and it was actually a nice little town.

Firstly, it’s in the nicest location at the foot of mountains with forest all around and a river flowing past. It’s got a supermarket, a cafe, a pub and a post office. That pretty much sums up most peoples’ main needs?

Well OK given what my van is like, a garage would not have come amiss…

I’d seen a church from the main road so I set off to find it cos it looked nice. However I followed two likely routes both of which led to a very steep and deep gorge separating the village from the hill the church was on.

It seemed if I wanted to get to the church I would probably need to leave the village by road and come back a different way, there simply was no access I could find to get over the gorge. Maybe it’s deliberately inaccessible because they hold satanic rituals there, and once you enter you can never leave again? I decided to leave it and just enjoy the village.

Coffee bar
Mid day the village is deserted. I wondered if this was the hub of the village at night time.

Being followed

Anyway I had a walk around and had stopped to take a photo of the large building that was the coffee cafe and a little girl maybe 8 years old came out of the cafe and walked over and spoke to me.

I have no idea what language she was speaking, Slovak? But I knew from her gaze that she was talking about Jack. I gestured to him so she immediately knelt down and had a little stroke of his head and murmured something to him. Most likely the Slovak equivalent of “Oh you’re a lovely little puppy and I love you.” cos that’s the kind of things kids say to him.

Jack of course licked her mouth and hands cos he knows that that’s where all the nicest tastes are on humans, especially little humans who always taste of sugar and other exciting flavours.

She said something else to me that I could not guess so I had to say I didn’t speak her language. Her face was a picture when I spoke, as clearly she’d not been expecting a foreign voice. She said something else which sounded like “Bloody hell I nearly shit myself when you started speaking that weird language!” and then had another stroke of the dog.

I’m sure she didn’t really say that, but just like anthropomorphising animals, we tend to adultify kids don’t we. (Did I just make a word up!) You tend to imbue kids with attributes they probably don’t have cos they’re too young and yet they often to seem so wise for their years. And sometimes I just talk shit…

After their little pat and lick session was over I wandered on to finish my short tour of the village and she stayed with us the whole way, keeping about 20 feet away but always looking at Jack. I felt like going and buying her a puppy!

Anyway, I spent the night in the layby and it was incredibly peaceful with no passing traffic after about 8pm until the next morning. It was also pitch black so I had a very restful night and woke to bright sunshine, so I went down to the river with my coffee and furry face.

It turns out that there’s loads of trails seem to go off in all directions from the opposite side of the river.  So I hid my cup and off we set for the day. It ended up being a blistering day and of course I had brought no sun block but we had a fabulous walk through fields and woods and over hills and down into the shallow, slow flowing river and had a lovely day despite my sunburn. *sigh*  There’s nothing to do really in Breza bar the cafe and the pub, and of course the countryside to walk around in which suits me and Jack fine, but a day was enough so what a lovely little village but it’s time to move on now. 

Where I stayed: Breza, Námestovo, Žilina, Slovakia, 029 51, N49° 22.884′ E19° 23.341′

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