Update: Call me lazy…

It’s been a very long time since my last post and as this is a sort of personal journal as well as a blog I thought it worth putting something up as a sort of quick update. 

I’ve not really been anywhere til the last few weeks, trying to get my van fixed which is proving to be impossible now. Another Peugeot dealer says 2 crank case seals need to be replaced for £1200 and also the turbo for about £900. I took it elsewhere and they fitted a new crankcase breather valve and the oil leak has stopped. £140 as opposed to £2100 at the dealer lol. 
I’ve also replaced the mass air flow sensor and cleaned the EGR valve and it doesn’t seem to have made any difference at all. I also replaced all the glow plugs with brand new Bosch ones and put some refurbished injectors in, one of which failed so I had to take that back out again. More on that later. Premier engines in Glasgow refused to even answer my emails when I asked them about the leak. I’ve never in my life known such a poor company and Paul Eades is without doubt the most insulting and rude person I’ve ever spoken to. 

Anyway, I had a rear wheel bearing replaced and a ball joint and took it back to the people who fitted the new calipers last year as one was binding. That’s all sorted now and I also bought a new water sensor for the fuel filter as the wiring had been damaged by someone at some point, however nothing has made any difference at all: apart from the odd inexplicable occasion I get 22 mpg or thereabouts instead of the 29 I used to get. I cheered myself up by fitting new high security locks on the cab doors. 

One bit of cheery news from the last year was when I rang Safeguard to let them know my change of address. The guy I spoke to was ace and he not only changed that but was pedantic about checking details and it turns out I was due a £70 refund! Obviously this year’s premium will be cheaper too so that was a godsend. 
Another bit of cheer is that I have just come back from a few weeks in France and Belgium. I managed to get away! I broke down in Belgium but that’s another story lol but I came back as my son is expecting his 3rd child so obviously I want to see that baby. After which…I’m offsky again and I also have some exciting news about that which I’ll share later.

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