Leaving the EU

I think it’s incredibly sad that during the whole campaign for the referendum of whether we should stay in the EU or not, we were bombarded with propaganda from both sides which blurred the real issues and helped no-one make their decision. No government or professional has any idea what is going to happen should we stay or leave, so how do you expect us to make our minds up when we don’t even have decent information?
That fact alone makes me think that they don’t actually care whether we stay in the EU or leave.
Personally I don’t think it will have much impact: the plutocracy who rule us for the enlargement of their private funds and power will still rule us and whether the people are richer or poorer the wealthy will remain wealthy and in power.

I also was saddened by the peoples’ response to the whole thing. Leaving became synonymous with racism for some obscure reason, and it also became clear that the wealthiest voted stay while the poorest voted leave. I’m not sure what they says but it was telling how disrespectful and rude people were of each other. We supposedly fought world wars to protect our right to freedom and democracy for what? To be called moronic because we vote to leave? To be labelled stupid because we chose to remain? I’ve never felt so sad about the state of the UK as I do right now.

We are out: we voted to leave the EU and instead of everyone saying “We all want the same thing let’s stick together and achieve it” many asked for a second referendum! So much for democracy.
I don’t know what will happen but I do know that we are in the 10th year of recession, and after years of austerity our deficit has increased not decreased, so at least Cameron has resigned which is a fabulous thing, and I think to myself with the state of the country, can we possibly be any worse off out of the EU? We certainly have done nothing but get worse and worse as a member of it so maybe it is time to try something new?

We’re a very divided nation, and a very antagonistic one, and the Govt and media is largely to blame for that, so I hope the next few years helps to try and heal that.

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