Generator finally dies

As the van will be going in for repair on Thursday, I decided to run the generator to make sure the batteries are topped up to fully 100% charge before it’s left, as leaving batteries discharged even partially affects their life span greatly.

Half way through I noticed a fluctuation from the charger and I could hear the gennie stuttering as if it was running out of fuel. I went out to have a look and the vent in front of the electronics was blowing out sparks! Also I pulled the plug out of the generator itself and found the industrial rubber plug I’d put onto the fly lead had melted. The whole socket assembly was also melted and sparks were flying everywhere. Luckily the cut off switch worked and I shut it down as the engine was hammering along happily still despite the heat and sparks.

I’ve not even bothered to open it up yet, I may not bother at all because I doubt I’d be able to figure out why this happened, I’ll just presume a component failed. I do need to have one despite the solar panels, so there’s at least £500 I’ll have to spend that I didn’t want to.
The generator is an SDMO Booster 2kw and is about 7 years old and for most of those years it has been run every 3 days for 11-12 hours. I have no idea at all if that is good or bad, but I know places like markets and burger vans run their’s all day every day. Never mind, the Hyundai’s come highly recommended and they won’t break the bank so I’ll just do a little more overtime to pay for a new one *sigh*

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