DVD overload

So, I’ve got almost 1700 DVD’s now and when I was reorganising the ‘loft’ the other day I realised just how much weight there is in them. Each folder weighs about 3.5 kilos and there’s 8 so that’s 28 kilos just in DVD’s!

So, as I have some saved electronically I looked at what it would cost to put them all onto a hard drive. I reckon I’d get on average 400 per 2tb drive, and they cost £60 each. I’d need 5 which allows some space for more DVD’s so that’s £300 for hard drives. Also I have to rip the DVD’s to a file and copy them over and if I did say 3 a day, it would take me over a year and a half to do!

DVD folder
DVD folder

Each hard drive weighs 170 grams so I am saving over 27 kilos in weight if I get rid of the disks once I’ve copied them. That’s a canny lot of weight to get rid of so I have decided to get on with it. I’ve bought the first 2 drives and have started copying disks, with 12 done so far this weekend.
It’s definitely the way forward although what the heck I’m going to do with my folders of disks once I’m done I don’t know!

Electricians bad asses?

I joined a Facebook group for electricians called Electrician Q & A. The perfect place to get some advice on issues with the batteries and inverter. Within minutes I had been called a spastic, then told to get fucked by someone else! lol
Most members appeared to be Australian and clearly didn’t want to help, they simply wanted to troll.
So, is you want electrical advice, don’t go to the Facebook group of Electrician Q & A unless you’ve got your hard hat on!