Post office woes

The Post Office in Inverness luckily does Poste Restante so I’ve had a few items delivered there. The last things to be collected were the two new portable drives I am going to use as replacement for the exiting backup drives, which are now too small. I picked a parcel up which I thought was them but on returning to the van it wasn’t. I checked online using the tracking number and it appears the drives were delivered 2 days prior.
So I rang and asked where my parcel was and after a brief discussion was told that the parcel would be sent to the Washington post office as I would be there by Tuesday, and someone would call me today to confirm.

It got to late afternoon and no-one had called so I phoned the number I’d called the day before and got some shop called Pandorum in Inverness. How odd! I found another number which said I needed to try another number and then had to try a third, as none of the constant robot number pressing menus had the option I wanted. Finally I had to ring the complaint line, it was the only way I could get to speak to a human.

When I did, I was told that post office’s number is ex directory. Why do they do that? Anyway I spoke to the really nice lady that had given me my parcel yesterday and she had my other parcel there. Quite why I wasn’t given it I don’t know but as I am due in Penrith in the morning and had travelled to Glasgow last night, I was not able to go back and pick it up. No worries the lovely lady said, we’ll send it on but it will cost you £17.30 for insurance, tracking, signed for and 48 hour delivery! HAHHAHAHAH

Apparently after 18 days if I did not collect it would be returned to sender so I said do that cos no way am I paying for this when it was your office’s fault I wasn’t given the parcel. At some point she finally decided she would post it on and they would pay for it.
Why does life have to be so difficult lol
I swear the post office is one of the worst organisations I have to deal with and when I use to sell stuff on ebay we all called it Parcel Farce cos they would lose or damage a full third of all packages.

Lets see if my drives actually arrive at Washington.


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