Keswick visit

I was out last night with some work colleagues so I decided to head to the lakes today. The weather was appalling with loads of snow and freezing wind. Nevertheless Jack and me got out for a nice walk around although he wasn’t too happy about his waterproof lol He hates having to wear it but as it was biting cold as well as wet I thought it best to protect him.

I notice there was a caravan set up in the place where I normally park. This is a thing I see all over now and as a caravan is a more established sort of setup than a parked vehicle, I know the council are going to be looking at that spot soon and either restricting who can park there and for how long, or charging for the spaces.
It’s sad that the odd few can spoil it for the so many, but I’ve seen this happen in so many places now. Aberystwyth was the last one to be controlled and whilst I hate that the council has put controls in place I don’t blame them. People were parking for weeks on end and sitting out on an evening on the pavement next to their vans, making barbecues and having tea and drinks with their friends.

A roadside spot isn’t meant  to be a campsite, it’s a temporary spot top park free so you can enjoy the locality. If you want to sit out on an evening and have barbecues, go to a campsite! So many motorhomers are fools to themselves and sadly they spoil it for everyone else who heeds the ‘unwritten rules’ of wild camping.
I do know of some alternative sites around Keswick without having to pay the ridiculously inflated car parking prices that the council set, but I’ll never share those sites online, there’s far too many mindless people out there now.

My simple rules for wild camping:

  • Never empty your toilet except in a designated place. It’s not only against the law, it’s pretty disgusting. How would you like 15 litres of week old human waste poured on your drive or in your garden?
  • Never put tables, chairs etc out on public areas. People have to walk past and to see someone making lunch or sitting reading on public pavements is just annoying too.
  • Never leave litter or other ‘household rubbish’, there are always bins available somewhere so carry your rubbish til you find one.
  • Don’t park opposite houses, someone lives there and they don’t want to see a dirty great van outside their window for days on end.
  • Never stay in the same place more than 3 nights maximum. Other people want to park and enjoy the view, move on, come back another time, share it out.
  • Don’t park on the kerb even if the road isn’t level. Lorries do this in laybys and not only is it destructive but it limits the pavement area anyway. Locals who take pride in their area just don’t want to see it.
  • Never run your generator or engine by the roadside. I’ve seen this in Aberystwyth on the seafront and when you’re out for a walk it’s an awful sight and sound. Go to a remote layby if you must, or have a night on a campsite and charge on hook up.
  • Don’t block access to drives, other roads, farm access gates or simply by parking on a narrow road and causing a bottleneck. It’s just plain selfish and you’ll anger people.

I stick to my own wild camping rules rigidly and I take pride in the fact that I can enjoy my particular lifestyle without irritating or inconveniencing anyone else.


Dabs drops me in it now!

Jeez…hard on the heels of the Western Digital drive saga, Dabs have now dropped me in it with the two drives I ordered from them!
They were sent to Inverness Post Office, but the post office ‘lost’ them so they had to be forwarded to Washington when I got down here.

Then I find they are the wrong drives, they are desktop instead of portable. Desktop ones plug into the mains whereas portable ones run from your USB socket.

I phoned Dabs to complain and they say say I ordered the wrong ones,  I say I didn’t but I can’t prove it cos the page I ordered them from has disappeared from their site!
So now they say I have to pay over £20 postage to return them and the postage for new ones to come out.

Thanks a billion Dabs, I will never shop with you again.


**Update: I sold the two drives and bought a new one from PC World who had the keenest price on the one I wanted. Job done. 🙂

Tubular ching ching?

Some clear plastic tubing.
Some clear plastic tubing.

Forget tubular bells, lets hear it for Tubular ‘ching ching’. That’s the sound the till makes when the hardware store in Keswick racks up an incredible £5 for 1 metre of this piece of clear plastic tubing. I actually drew a breath when she told me the price at the till, and I was so stunned I forgot to make a churlish face and say “Crikey!”

This is to try to make filling the water tank easier, you may remember that my fuel tank spout idea didn’t work, so maybe this will, wish me luck!




My friends are up in the north for a funeral, so we decided to meet up and spend the day in Keswick as I was over here anyway. Although it was cold the sun was out and we enjoyed  walk around the lake almost to Ashness bridge before having to turn back.
That’s one of the beauties though, you don’t have to have a specific goal in mind or target to reach in Keswick. You can go for a walk and enjoy just being there no mater how long you walk for.


There is often a great sunset in winter as the sun goes down over the Newlands valley, lighting up Causey Pike and Catbells.

I recall some years ago taking 2 hours to get up Catbells I was so unfit. I still struggle now but there’s no question of not being able to do it. The views are amazing from there, I think it’s time I was back up it again soon.


Post office woes

The Post Office in Inverness luckily does Poste Restante so I’ve had a few items delivered there. The last things to be collected were the two new portable drives I am going to use as replacement for the exiting backup drives, which are now too small. I picked a parcel up which I thought was them but on returning to the van it wasn’t. I checked online using the tracking number and it appears the drives were delivered 2 days prior.
So I rang and asked where my parcel was and after a brief discussion was told that the parcel would be sent to the Washington post office as I would be there by Tuesday, and someone would call me today to confirm.

It got to late afternoon and no-one had called so I phoned the number I’d called the day before and got some shop called Pandorum in Inverness. How odd! I found another number which said I needed to try another number and then had to try a third, as none of the constant robot number pressing menus had the option I wanted. Finally I had to ring the complaint line, it was the only way I could get to speak to a human.

When I did, I was told that post office’s number is ex directory. Why do they do that? Anyway I spoke to the really nice lady that had given me my parcel yesterday and she had my other parcel there. Quite why I wasn’t given it I don’t know but as I am due in Penrith in the morning and had travelled to Glasgow last night, I was not able to go back and pick it up. No worries the lovely lady said, we’ll send it on but it will cost you £17.30 for insurance, tracking, signed for and 48 hour delivery! HAHHAHAHAH

Apparently after 18 days if I did not collect it would be returned to sender so I said do that cos no way am I paying for this when it was your office’s fault I wasn’t given the parcel. At some point she finally decided she would post it on and they would pay for it.
Why does life have to be so difficult lol
I swear the post office is one of the worst organisations I have to deal with and when I use to sell stuff on ebay we all called it Parcel Farce cos they would lose or damage a full third of all packages.

Lets see if my drives actually arrive at Washington.