Sly, deceitful. Yes, Western Digital.

I bought my new 3 tb hard drive, I would dearly have liked Seagate but Western Digital was the only one around at the time. However after buying it with 7200 rpm on the side I was curious as to why software reported it as only 5400 rpm.

I went to a WD support site and was told this…

 Well, that sounds like a sort of good idea I think, but on the box it clearly says 7200 rpm, not Intelli power or whatever, and they should sell you what you ask for. I think this is sly marketing and deceitful of Western Digital.

I really wish I hadn’t had to buy one of their drives, and this has just reconfirmed that I despise them as a company and still have issues over losing 5 years of ‘everything’ following 2 hard drives crashes!

Now, what’s the number for my therapist?

I went back to PC World to complain because you can’t sell a ‘green’ drive in a blue box when you also sell a ‘blue’ drive. It’s out and out cheating. The lad there was trying to explain something about spin speeds and he clearly also thought I’d bought a blue drive which spins at 7200 rpm, but didn’t know how to read the spin speed. That’s interesting when store staff believe the same as me, kinda backs up my case.

Anyway, I got on to Western Digital about this and calmly explained everything. The upshot? They remarkably refunded the purchase price of the drive, and told me to keep the drive! I was astonished at how easily they solved the problem but I don’t want anything for nothing, so I took a few days to wipe the drive clean of any data and returned it to them. Even if I did keep it it would probably fail anyway.

Glad I got my money back though…grand result.

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