Pets at home without their food!

I have to LOL at this. I’m running out of food for Jack and he does like the James Wellbeloved turkey and rice, so I log on to Pets at Home in the small hours to make sure there is a store in Inverness and that they have some.

They sure have, collect at store, ¬£43, thank you very kindly I don’t need to think about that anymore.

That is, til I get to the shop the next day to be told by a staff member “Oh you have to wait 3-7 working days for delivery.”
I replied I didn’t want it delivered, I clicked on collect in store and paid by PayPal.
“Yes” she says “Sorry about that but, it has to be delivered to the store from our Coventry warehouse.”

We’re standing next to 2 pallets choc full of James Wellbeloved, 15kg of Turkey and Rice. “There it is” I say, “just give me one of those please.”
“Sorry sir, I’m not allowed to as it would come out of our stock without being paid for, as you bought yours from the online branch of the company, which has a different system.”

What. The. Very. Fuck.

OK so after a long discussion with the staff member who I have to say was fabulous all the way through, I didn’t go to the Terms and Conditions on the website and read that I was buying from Pets At Home Online and not Pets At Home the geographical store. If I had read that fine print I would have found out that not only does it take 3-5 working days to deliver to the store of your choice, but it can take up to 7 days for the Highlands which is classed differently to the rest of the UK.
Despite the fact they have hundreds of bags of James Wellbeloved 15kg Turkey and Rice, I can’t have any unless I pay for it again. But, if I want to do that and collect my bag when it is couriered all the way from Coventry to Inverness, despite them having hundreds of bags here already, then at least I’ll have double the amount so doggy won’t go hungry…

You know when I experience utter stupidity and incompetence like this is makes me think of Woolworths, and JJB sports, Jessops and HMV. These stores have not the faintest clue about common sense and are so arrogant to continue in their way of trading even when it’s shown that they are in fact incompetent and stupid that it’s no wonder they eventually fail. It’s total and utter pandemonium and I despair when I think that whoever makes these rules is actually able to vote and procreate lol

So, if I do run out of Jack’s food I can walk right past the 2 full pallets of James Wellbeloved on sale in Pets at Home, pick up a small bag for a tenner just to keep Jack going until my bag gets couriered all the way from Coventry.

The moral of the story?
Online companies which were born online are generally started by modern progressive people who know what they’re doing and they just work, without any real problems but with the ones that do crop up being resolved quickly. They’re not about the customer, they’re about the bottom line, but to get that bottom line the processes they have are slick, clean, well thought out, efficient and….customer friendly! Hance why I buy from Amazon over and over and over again.
Store based companies who move online are often managed by total fools who ‘think’ they know a lot about retailing because they did it in college, but in fact haven’t a friggin clue what they’re doing and in fact it’s usually the worst paid, shop floor staff who realise things are ridiculous¬†so, next time you want some James Wellbeloved Turkey and Rice, DON’T whatever you do go online to reserve it at the store, just go to the store!
Pets At Home are about as home on the internet as men are on Mars! lol

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