Neist Point

I got here ok, I actually came to Malasaig which is across the bay from Neist Point. But you get a lovely view looking across at the spit of land with the lighthouse on that juts out into the sea . I got a few shots last night then stayed over. The weather was amazing, the grill would not toast my bread because the draught coming in was so cold it would not let the grill heat up! lol

Neist Point
Neist Point

So, pretty much all I got was this shot on the morning which was not really what I was looking for.

However I had a drive around but the weather was so bad there was going to be no picture taking today so I found a garage and booked in to get the coolant checked for winter. I’m sure it needs topping up.

I was back to work tonight (Boo!) so I parked up near Portree and after the garage in the morning I’ll see what the weather is like. Wish me luck!


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