The mouse bites back

Exciting times!

I bought a computer almost a year ago from PC Specialist and it’s been faulty in several ways since a month or two after I got it. At the moment I have been over 3 months without a DVD because despite 3 texts and some emails all stating it had been sent it has not and they have even said to me now that they have no intention of sending one until I send the old one back. I offered to do that 2 separate occasions right from the start but at the time they said no it’s not worth it.

One of the long term problems that they could not resolve has been sorted. I found a resolution whilst tinkering one day and it was oh so simple in retrospect.

So, I have done a little bit of research and have found a company that is happy to pursue them for my debt, which is the cost of buying it back off me, and an hourly rate for all the time I have spent either without the use of it or trying to fix it.

I’m quite excited because I’m fed up of companies who think they can do as they like and there’s never any comeback on them so wish me luck!

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