Caravan clinic has had it

I came back to the Caravan Clinic and the boss got the gas fitter to come to talk to me. His only comment really was that the regulator was already loose. Well, that’s not really the point.
He didn’t even argue when I said I’d watched him bashing the rod and bending it, or the gauge being missing or anything else. He just kind of stood there and looked.
The boss sent him away and told me that if I left the van for 4-5 hours they’d sort it all out and reimburse me for the lost filler adaptor. I hadn’t banked on such a long time so I said I’d have to come back the week after. I was still angry.

However after I left I got to thinking about it and I decided I’d had enough and didn’t want to go back there. How much more damage could they do?
If they’re so careless with peoples’ van’s then what other damage might occur? I’m sure I can replace the gauges and the adaptor and fix the regulator back to the wall. I can also fix the fire as I’ve dismantled it in the past anyway. I redid all the hoses and found one which had no rubber seal, which explained why my gas hadn’t lasted at all. So I popped a spare in and tidied the whole thing up.

Caravan Clinic? I’d have been better off taking my van to a vet and have it groomed! I’ll never go back there again and stick with my instincts next time.

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