Van brakes repaired

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Swingbridge garage

Got the van into the garage for 7 am and set off to walk around Newcastle on Tyne. It was quite cold to start with but later on the sun came out and it was red hot all afternoon.
They called me about 1 pm to collect the van which cost me £291.66 for new disks, new pads, new shoes, new fluid and the handbrake cable serviced.  I went to pick the bike and my other stuff up and by the time I got to my friend’s about 12 miles away the brakes were stinking, squealing and fading. I was gutted and after I got my stuff took it straight back.

They jacked it up and cleaned it all off but were adamant there was no problem, it was just the brakes bedding in. They did seem miles better after I left later so let’s hope they’re all sorted now.

Part of the problem is these motorhomes are standard commercial vans with a camper conversion and instead of running at full weight occasionally, they do constantly. So the brakes will get hot but still shouldn’t fade.


The brakes were not fixed at all. They might have replaced the shoes and pads and the disks but that’s about all they did. The fluid clearly hasn’t been bled through, just topped up because the brakes are no different. Also he gave me a cock and bull story about the handbrake cable but that hasn’t been touched at all. 

I returned here some months later intending to complain but in the end I booked it in and simply said there was a problem with the brakes. He came out later and said “Bloody hell who did your brakes they’re set up all wrong!”
I looked him square in the eye and said “They were done here.”

So we had some argy bargy and eventually they agreed to sort it all out and charge me half the bill. 

That’s what they did, and afterwards I checked the brakes and the two tiny boots from the end rear cables were not in place, and the pivot hole had not been drilled out to make it swivel easier as he said he’d do. 

Load of old cobblers this lot are so I won’t be back to them. 

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