My fridge is hot stuff

If you’ve read my blog since the beginning you’ll know that for most of the time I’ve had the van the fridge hasn’t worked. It works fine on mains, but on gas it works for a while then for no apparent reason it shuts itself off. The gas remains lit, but it doesn’t cool any more. It’s been in for repair twice with NE Camping, but each time they simply reported they had it going, but the same thing happened, a few days later it stopped working.

A fridge vent on a camper, buckled and twisted with heat
Fridge vent

I needed my mail with my new bank card and driving licence so I’d booked onto a campsite and I was on mains so I left the fridge on for the 5 days I was on site. It was only a little while later that I saw this.
This is the main vent outlet for the fridge. If you recall, this is the cover that blew off in Walney Island and had to be replaced, so it’s only a few months old.
It’s clearly very buckled with the heat and no longer forms a seal with the van it’s buckled so much. Clearly the fridge is overheating, but why it is I have no idea, and if it’s overheating to this extent perhaps I ought to not put it on any more.

Update: I had this repaired at a caravan centre in Mestre and paid €110. They said the jets were blocked. (Second time I’ve been told that) The fridge worked perfectly for 9 days then stopped working again :s

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