Oh yes. I was awake very early this morning so took Jack out for an hour and watched the sun come up which was beautiful. Then I got my gear and went across the road to see if the local boat was running to Venice. Not only was it open, but it was there at the jetty waiting to go! It’s gone up in price, it’s €10 to get to Venice but what the heck, given the state of my feet I’ll try and save them a little.
The trip across was about 10 minutes and where they stopped meant I got to see a new part of Venice.

I spent from about 8:30am until 4pm on the island and took tons of photos as you’d expect. Once I’ve got them off the camera and processed them I’ll post one or two.

As I was walking around it was blazing sunshine and I was just thinking that my feet were getting hot and wondering what they were like when I felt on of the blisters pop. The downside to that is often that it becomes even more painful and you can’t walk on it at all, and it can take a week to heal properly. I’d put thick socks on to cushion my feet so I carried on and actually it was only slightly sore, not the pain I’d expected.

I think tomorrow I’ll spend the morning in the park with Jack and go into Venice later in the afternoon, staying until evening time. I’ll get to see what it’s like at night then, should be fun 🙂

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