Lightning…it’s very, very frightening!

I went into Venice last night as the sun had come out nicely and it looked as though it was going to be a really nice evening and night. My plan was to go to the Fondamenta Salute which is as far as you can walk to the southern end of the Grande Canal and you’re looking directly across at San Marco square, and on the other side is San Giorgio Maggiore island with it’s lovely church and bell tower. I also wanted some nice general night shots of Venice as I don’t have any yet.

Photo of sunset in Venice
Sunset in Venice

However as I got to Fondamenta Zattere Al Ponte Lungo which is the path that is the southern most edge of Venice’s main island, I could see an amazing sunset behind me and a very dark sky developing in front of me.

This view shows it clearly, the sunset and the sky building up above the Giudecca and the famous Hilton Molino Stucky Venice hotel.

The boat at the right of the frame is a cruise ship, there’s a permanent terminal here and many of them are bigger than the tallest buildings in Venice.

Anyway, I continued toward Fondamenta Salute and as I approached there was some terrific lightning and after only 5 minutes I decided to concentrate on that instead. I swapped to the wide angle lens and set the tripod so I could quickly swing between San Giorgio Maggiore and La Giudecca as they both have interesting buildings which would make for a great scene if I caught the lightning.

I initially set the camera at ISO 100, f8 and the exposure times were between 5 and 15 seconds and I’m pleased I set up as the lightning was amazing!
I quickly changed the settings and used mostly ISO 200, f9 and 8 seconds. I was simply firing off shots one after the other, hoping that the lightning would strike whilst the shutter was open. I’ve never photographed lightning before so I was very pleased with the results…here are a few of them:

MK3_4128 MK3_4132 MK3_4173 MK3_4178Needless to say…I am over the moon! I could see the brief review of each image in the back of the camera for a split second til I pressed the shutter again and I knew I’d got at least 2 decent ones. Some didn’t come out at all and I think I had the settings too long so some brief flashes got burned out by the light that was still around in the sky.

I was constantly changing the settings to see quickly which might work and which wouldn’t but each time I did this there was a bolt and I was scared I was going to miss the best ones. I had no idea at the time, but this display went on for over 2 hours. There were still some bright flashes as I was getting the bus later on and even though I knew I had a few decent shots by then I felt like staying to get more.

At one point I changed my ISO to 12800. This is a ridiculously high ISO and results in tons of noise but I wanted to get a decent shot of a ship in front of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. The shutter speed was now 1/6th of a second and I had only taken 3 when on the fourth one…look what I got!  <<  Amazing, I could barely believe my luck so quickly changed the settings back again.

I think this may be my favourite though. This was one flash of lightning, a real cracker which lit the sky and everything around me. I could even hear squealing and wooping coming from people in San Marco square across the canal, about 400 yards away!

All in all a brilliant night and although I got nothing I’d intended to, I’m amazed and thrilled at what I did get. Go me! 🙂

Jack nails a hat trick!

You can’t make this stuff up!
There we were walking through the park, with Jack on the lead for you know what and what! But we got to the top end of the park by the new marina and I took him off so he could run around a little.

As he ran around stretching his legs I started day dreaming like an anxious parent, what if he fell in? how would I get him out? I was idly thinking there was a ladder about 100 feet away, so no worries if he fell in I’d go in for him.
Just then re came running past me and I’ve never ever known him be so distracted, but he turned to look at me…and fell over the harbour wall!!

I’ve seen Jack on the side of cliffs, hanging on by his claws and he’s never fallen, I was absolutely amazed! It sums up this weird time over here.

IMAG0401Anyway as I’d been daydreaming, I simply had him swim to the ladder, and went down it far enough to grab him and fish him out. He didn’t seem perturbed in the least and frankly, I laughed my head off, partly because it was exactly what I’d been daydreaming about!!

Here he is none the worse for wear, but soaked and smelly lol Oh and where is his flashing night light? Torn off when he barged under a fence last week chasing frogs!


Take a brake

You may recall that when I first came to Italy my brakes faded out, you may have read it here. I just checked a price back in the UK and for new brake discs, decent quality pads and new shoes, plus the whole system bleeding through with new fluid, they reckon 4 hours work and just under £300. As I don’t have any tools myself I’d say that’s not a great price, but it’s not a really bad one either.

Thing is I may have to have them done in order to get back in July. Wish me luck in trying Italian garages lol

Thanks DVLA

Just got round to contacting DVLA today about my lost driving licence. Someone told me you could contact the British Embassy and they’d sort you out but when I rang them they were about as helpful as a sack of garden waste. I tried to get a replacement online, but the DVLA’s system won’t recognise my address and when I rang this lovely patient girl said “It will work, log in and I will talk you through it.” 15 minutes later she agreed it would not work and she could only think that the Post Office had not updated them with post code details LOL

Never mind I paid £20 over the phone and will have a new driving licence in the post within 2 weeks. So in 2 weeks I’ll order my mail, then book onto a campsite and wait for it to come.

By the way I did pop back to Lidl’s and the camping shop and ask again if my wallet had been handed in but no luck 🙁

IMAG0378My thermometer said 36 degrees today. I doubt it was really, but it was very hot and Jack, freshly shampooed again last night and having enjoyed an early morning walk today, has a long relaxing sleep on the sofa. It’s a dog’s life eh?

Jack and bloody culverts!

Despite his fright in a drainage culvert yesterday, Jack decides to nip down another one and investigate. I hadn’t seen where he’d gone, he disappeared into a stand of trees and bushes so when I faintly heard his yelping I wondered what was wrong. On finding the culvert pipe my heart sank cos this is one of my worst fears…him getting stuck somewhere that I can’t rescue him from.

I called him over and over again and all I heard was tapping in the water as if he was walking but getting nowhere. The ground around the culvert was rank and filthy, and it was too dark to see more than a foot or two inside as the pipe was so small. After calling him and shouting and cajoling it was clear I was panicking him and in fact he was frightened now. So I spent a little while calming him as best I could until I could hear nothing at all from him.  I was really worried now and began to fear having to call some authorities out to help me, but I decided to head back to the van and get a torch and see if I could see him.
As I walked away I called again lightly saying “This way” which is what I say when I want him to follow me, especially if we’re changing direction. I heard him yelping again so I stopped and was sure it was coming closer. So I ran back to the pipe and to my utter relief his backside came into view, struggling furiously to reverse out of the pipe which was not as high as him.

I grabbed his tail and gave a tug and brought him sliding out of the pipe filthy and soaked and stinking but otherwise safe. RELIEF!

IMAG0376Here’s a photo, you can clearly see how small the pipe is compared to him. No wonder he was stuck! Jack is now banned from being off the lead in that section of the park where there are many culverts, mostly hidden by weeds and marsh growth.


Jack and the dark culvert

Parco San Giuliano is enormous and we still haven’t explored all of it yet, but we do a little more each time. Today we explored a slightly wild section that edges onto Venice lagoon. The entire park is littered with drainage culverts most of which are situated at the end of drainage channels and most of which are seriously overgrown with weeds and marshy type grasses. It must be a haven for wildlife, and so of course it’s exciting to the extreme for a little dog. I’ve been keeping him away form them a little as there are loads of birds in the reeds and he would have one killed before I even knew it was there if I let him have his way.

Anyway as I walked I noticed he was not keeping up so I backtracked and through the reeds saw a large half filled culvert and I just knew he was in there. I called him and could hear noises and then he stared barking so I knew he’d found something. Then the barks turned to yelps so I put my angry voice on and called him out. He came straight out, blood streaming down his chin! Grr!

I got him to a fountain and got him cleaned up and it was two nasty half inch cuts on this chin. They were very neat so I assume they were cuts, and assumed again they were off one of the large rats that live in some of the culverts.
Jack of course didn’t care one bit. He wanted to go back in! lol