Jack nails a hat trick!

You can’t make this stuff up!
There we were walking through the park, with Jack on the lead for you know what and what! But we got to the top end of the park by the new marina and I took him off so he could run around a little.

As he ran around stretching his legs I started day dreaming like an anxious parent, what if he fell in? how would I get him out? I was idly thinking there was a ladder about 100 feet away, so no worries if he fell in I’d go in for him.
Just then re came running past me and I’ve never ever known him be so distracted, but he turned to look at me…and fell over the harbour wall!!

I’ve seen Jack on the side of cliffs, hanging on by his claws and he’s never fallen, I was absolutely amazed! It sums up this weird time over here.

IMAG0401Anyway as I’d been daydreaming, I simply had him swim to the ladder, and went down it far enough to grab him and fish him out. He didn’t seem perturbed in the least and frankly, I laughed my head off, partly because it was exactly what I’d been daydreaming about!!

Here he is none the worse for wear, but soaked and smelly lol Oh and where is his flashing night light? Torn off when he barged under a fence last week chasing frogs!


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