Avant kicks Opera’s butt

I’ve been using Opera browser now for about 20 years or so. I’ve never liked Internet Explorer, Netscape was awful, I can not get used to Firefox and it often has lots of bugs and problems, and Chrome is just plain nasty. So I was amazed last year when Opera said they had done a study and no users wished to have bookmarks! What!? Bollox! Everyone I know uses bookmarks, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t! Now one of the main things I like about Opera is their speed dial. It’s a page where you have small thumbnails of your most used websites. Click on one to open it, so it’s just like a quick and pictorial bookmarks of your favourite sites.

So I set off looking for a replacement and that had to have similar features. I found two possibles that I’m trying now. Midori and Avant, they’re both free. Midori 

A screenshot of Midori browser
Midori browser

as you can see in the screenshot here  has the speed dial page, although it is not customisable as Opera’s is. The resolution is not great so it looks blurred too, which kind of sums Midori up for me, it sort of feels ‘blurred’, or half done. As if they forgot to finish it off. Despite them saying on their website that it is blazing fast it’s not, in fact it’s very slow, so it’s second choice at the moment.

A screenshot of Avant browser
Avant browser

Avantbrowser is the other and instantly the speed dial, which holds 5 instead of three columns looks better. The whole browser feels better and it is quite fast. It’s brilliant for video playback and has a button to easily download any video you’re watching. It’s got ad blocker as Opera had and you can also quickly zoom the page in and out if you wish.  Like anything new I have to get used to it but I’m liking it already so I’m moving over to trying to use it all the time now.

It feels odd not using Opera after so many years, almost since I started using computers regularly but hey, it can’t be worse than divorce can it? haha

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