Lost my wallet

For the first time in my life I’ve lost my wallet. I’d been busy the other morning going to the garage, getting water, shopping at Lidl’s, finding a new lens for the one I broke the other day, just those pottering about things that take up time. When I went to get my wallet on Monday it wasn’t where I normally put it. I fished around for a few minutes then got concerned and started a full organised search. After an hour it was clear it wasn’t here. So, the last place I used it was either Lidl’s or the camping accessory place on Saturday.
I used google translate to prepare a statement in Italian and set off but sadly neither of them had any knowledge of my wallet. I cancelled the debit card, not a problem. I’ll have to get a replacement driving licence, I think they’re a tenner. Post Office money card? It was useless so no loss there. But I’d just been to an ATM and took €150 out and there was €135 left Grrr.

I have an old wallet that I sometimes use abroad. It’s got expired cards in, €15, a Tesco club card and some stamps. The idea is if I’m mugged they take that instead of my real one. Bizarrely when I went to get it, it had €105 in! Excellent, makes the loss feel easier to bear now. Aside from that I had a plastic folder with documents in for coming abroad and I’d put my Santander debit card in there. I went online and transferred money to that account and I was again up and running. Pain in the arse, but it could have been a lot worse.

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