More battery woes!

This trip lumbers from bad to worse!

The voltage needle had been fluctuating slightly as I used the computer so I decided to investigate. Checked all the wiring and stuff, went to check the batteries and…they’re bone dry! I can only assume that the slightly higher charge voltage on the battery to battery charger gave them too much juice on the way over here and boiled it all off.
As luck would have it I had about 5 litres of de-ionised water so I topped them all up, did a charge, then ran an equalisation routine. Sadly even after all that they’re not delivering as they should. I should get about 225 amps out of them but over the next couple of days it seems I’m getting about 200 or less.

I bought these specifically because they are a solid workhorse of a battery, 60 kilos of pure lead so cross your fingers that they improve.

Lost my wallet

For the first time in my life I’ve lost my wallet. I’d been busy the other morning going to the garage, getting water, shopping at Lidl’s, finding a new lens for the one I broke the other day, just those pottering about things that take up time. When I went to get my wallet on Monday it wasn’t where I normally put it. I fished around for a few minutes then got concerned and started a full organised search. After an hour it was clear it wasn’t here. So, the last place I used it was either Lidl’s or the camping accessory place on Saturday.
I used google translate to prepare a statement in Italian and set off but sadly neither of them had any knowledge of my wallet. I cancelled the debit card, not a problem. I’ll have to get a replacement driving licence, I think they’re a tenner. Post Office money card? It was useless so no loss there. But I’d just been to an ATM and took €150 out and there was €135 left Grrr.

I have an old wallet that I sometimes use abroad. It’s got expired cards in, €15, a Tesco club card and some stamps. The idea is if I’m mugged they take that instead of my real one. Bizarrely when I went to get it, it had €105 in! Excellent, makes the loss feel easier to bear now. Aside from that I had a plastic folder with documents in for coming abroad and I’d put my Santander debit card in there. I went online and transferred money to that account and I was again up and running. Pain in the arse, but it could have been a lot worse.

Bang! Clatter! Crash!

I found a laundry, that was good. Only about 2 miles from where I’m staying too so that’s even better. However when pulling away I broke one of the upper lights on the back. IMAG0352The hanging cable on the left is the one that feeds power to the number plate light. The bulb assembly on the top light is smashed too. I found a camper spares place by accident when I went to Lidl’s today and got a replacement, €10!! For a piece of plastic lol

As if that wasn’t enough I then pulled into Lidl’s car park and completely missed the ridiculous metal banner thing they have at the gate. IMAG0350You can see it below the Lidl sign. It’s twisted the satellite dish to one side so I hope it hasn’t ruined the motor gearing and has just bent the metal arms. I blame it on being tired and the bright sun :p

The rest of the day was spent uneventfully doing boring housework *yawn*

New shoes

I spent the whole of Tuesday in Venice with my shoes on. They’re pretty much worn out and were only cheap ones anyway. It was really hot and of course walking on tarmac all day does tire your feet out. However, check out these bad boy blisters which I still have from then:

IMAG0347IMAG0348IMAG0349God knows how I managed to get back to the bus stop lol but my feet are slowly healing and I’ll be wearing my Merril sandals from now on. When I got back I soaked my feet in cold water for a half hour but they’re still canny bad lol

Half work – half play.

Today was my first day back at work since last Friday so I was nervous as to how the MiFi would perform. It has seemed ok so far albeit slightly slow, but the work interface uses sockets so needs a very reliable connection. I had lots of problem sin the morning, with the interface lagging like mad and game info not opening. However later on I took the SIM card out of the MiFi and put it into and old dongle I had which is a PAYG one. Connection was MUCH better! Work that one out lol

I noticed that the voltmeter on the wall panel was jittery the last couple of days so I set out to check the batteries and connections. Amazed to find that all six cells in each battery were dry 🙁 Big sigh cos you would think I’d know better given all the problems I’ve had with batteries. However as luck would have it I had 2 large unused bottles of de-ionised water and along with some boiled water it was enough to restore water levels back to where they should be. I believe the only reason the batteries aren’t broken completely is the fact they are huge Trojan’s.