Another bloody leak! This time last year I was heading to Scotland and had to stop at Carlisle and repair the leaking box on the roof that the incompetent satellite fitters had put on. You can read about that here. I got it sorted in the end but in the process I put some of that sealant that comes on a roll, underneath the rubber seal for the flue. Extra protection I thought. Then there I am with wet feet, dreading looking in the wardrobe and sure enough, you can see the water stain on the card sleeve that covers the flue pipe. Grrr! So there’s another job to do. So much for that sealant too, it wasn’t cheap!

Failed again

Sadly NE Campers of Portobello, Chester le Street has failed me again, so I won’t be returning there.

Some 3 years or so ago I took the van to them as the fridge wasn’t working on gas. It worked fine on mains, but when using gas it would stay lit for an hour, a week, a month, then inexplicably go off. The gas was still lit, but the fridge no longer cooling. So I took it into NE Campers and after about 3 hours they had replaced a small plastic cap in the vent tube which has nothing to do with the operation of the fridge. They also replaced a hinge on a cupboard door which had seized.

I’d only gone 100 yards when I realised that someone had left a small metal step inside the van. So I returned this and when I got back I realised the carpet was filthy. Greasy oily footprints all over the carpet. I  was very surprised, as were they when I spoke to them and they offered to wash the carpet. I declined the offer as I did in fact have a new one on order anyway.

About 2 weeks later I rang them and said the fridge was no different. They said to bring it in so I did and they spent 4 hours on it this time. They said there was a lot of sand in the vents and this was the problem so they had cleaned it all out. When I picked the van up it had not been all cleaned out, but never mind I pretty much knew this was not the fault anyway. They said the fridge had been running the whole time. Yes it had, but it was not cooling *sigh*

So some months later I tried the fridge again, it worked for a while then stopped cooling again after 2 days. I decided that as I’d only had use of it for a few years anyway I would stop using it altogether and I turned the gas off to it and used it as nothing more than storage. I was slightly irked that NE Campers had had my money twice and no fix was made, but to be frank I am a little tired of fighting companies who can’t/won’t do as they charge you for.

Then the other day I found the hinge sticking on the cupboard door: the same one that they’d replaced the hinge on. When I had a good look, one of the screws was almost out and the wood was splintered around the base. I have no idea at present how I’m going to repair it, but I do know that I’m not going back to NE Campers.

Greasy footprints on my carpet, things left in my van, repairs not done, and one repair that made more damage. That to me is a few things too much so bye bye NE Campers, I won’t be returning to you again.

New lens!

Since selling my Canon 24-105 L series zoom lens last summer I’ve come to realise what a fantastic lens this actually was and how much I miss it. So I was very pleased to take a call from Portus Digital today to say my new one is ready for collection from Shrewsbury. I was visiting Jane soon anyway, so I left Keswick and got here 4 hours later. Can’ wait til tomorrow when I can stick it on the MK III and get the 17-40 sent off for repair.

Happy days. lens