Laundry blues

In Birmingham to visit my friend, I decided to go to the laundrette in Boldmere. It’s quite run down and old and not that clean, but the machines work and they clean and dry your clothes (just) so all is good. There’s a lane of parking outside and a sign said 1 hour maximum wait with no return for an hour. I asked inside and was told “No worries, they never hassle us here.” So I set about doing my washing which given the age and condition of the machine was slightly high in price buy hey ho.

The drier was even worse: the glass was held in with silicone resin! lol It was also 50p for 4 minutes, which is a LOT compared to most laundrettes I visit.

I got chatting to the lady who worked there and during the conversation I remarked that the road outside was very busy and had been since about 7:30 am. She said that it always was busy but the trailer parked up didn’t help matters. I glanced outside and asked which trailer. “The big white one,” she replied, “it’s too big for this road and it oughtn’t to be parked there.” I said “You mean that camper?” and she nodded. I continued “That’s mine. It’s in the bay, fully within the white lines. It’s not in the way of traffic but the queue is actually on the other side anyway.” She glanced up sharply “Oh it’s yours?” I said “Yes, I have a friend in Sutton that I’m visiting so I’ve come here to do my laundry.” “Ohh it’s lovely!” she suddenly said. “I’d love to have one of those, you must love it.” She backtracked amazingly and it was so sudden and seamless that it was quite amusing.

Anyway we continued conversation and it turns out she lives in a static caravan on a site nearby. She likes it but wishes she “had wheels on it to move now and again.” Ahhhhhhhh thought I…there’s the reason behind the comment about my van blocking the road. She’s jealous! Amazing how petty some people can be, and how quickly they backtrack when they realise.

I’d put £4 in the drier and some things like jeans were still not dry but as that was double what I normally pay I said sod it and took my gear out. I can dry stuff in the van anyway. I smiled as I drove away thinking to myself, at least I’m not blocking the road anymore!

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