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Took the van to Durham Auto Services at Beamish this morning to have the injectors checked. Apparently everything is fine there, but the mechanic reckoned when he drove it the clutch clipped slightly, and this could account for the extra fuel use. Hmmm. The clutch bite is right at the top of the pedal, but I can still wheel spin in 2nd gear. (Don’t ask!) Can you do that if your clutch is worn? He could be right I have no idea, it’s something worth thinking about.

Anyway he checked the diagnostic and it said Mass Air Flow fault. You may recall that debacle way back with the K and N filter. I finally slung that filter in the bin and since then I’ve not had a single problem. However, I knew the EMS has been cleared in the last 12 months so there must be a fault somewhere. He checked the air filter and whilst dirty, it wasn’t really bad. I did note that the rubber seal on the filter housing was missing. The mechanic said they don’t use one but they do, and the last time the air filter housing was disassembled was when Peugeot Newcastle had it. Say no more….I bought a new filter anyway, under £20 from Euro Car Parts on Team Valley. Out of curiosity I priced up the seal but you can’t get it, you have to buy the filter housing. £96!! hahaahahah

So, the conclusion is, the injectors are fine, the air filter is now replaced, brakes are fixed, (need to replace the load balancer) and there is still no clear indication of why I am getting almost 100 miles less per tank than I used to.

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