Door delight

Well, you can get double length rivets. I bought some and they are reassuringly inexpensive too! I drilled the old ones out and used two on the door hinge and what a great difference. The hinge is still stiff as a nun in a whore hDoor rubberouse but at least the rivets don’t come out when I open and close it.

I also split the door rubber at the lock with a Stanley knife. I then pulled it off and reattached it right round the frame and it was been fab ever since. Odd thing is the gap that I cut is only about 1 cm wide. Yet that small amount was pulling the rubber off all the time. Even on very windy days there is no draught through there either, so cutting it by the lock was the right thing to do. Still, fixed now, ready for winter so I’m chuffed, another job out of the way.

While I’m on, I’ve tried out the blown air heating I fitted and it is magnificent! My toes get warm and everything! Even Jack got down on the floor at one point and laid in front of the blower ha! I think it’s time to start my winter clean. Check for things as I go so I don’t get any nasty surprises.


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