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Rannoch Moor
Rannoch Moor












This is a view of Rannoch Moor, taken on my little snapshot camera, the Canon S70, as I still don’t have my DSLR back yet.  What you see here is pretty much what I see no matter where I look. This part of the moor is beautiful, but empty. just how I like it. Luckily there’s a small gravel standing by the road big enough for a couple of motorhomes. So I’m parked in it, absolutely loving the surroundings. Anyway, I thought I’d try my phone to see how it connects, and I get quite fast speeds when tethered to the laptop. Easily enough to work, but also for some minor UL’ing and DL’ing. I’ve UL’ed a few photos to one of the POD sites this morning. Out of curiosity I decided to try my MiFi. The MiFi from 3 network is what they call 3.9g. It’s not full 4g as they haven’t rolled theirs out yet, but it’s faster than simple 3g or HSDPA. And way out here, in the middle of nowhere, I got 3.9g! How cool! I love 3 network lol

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