Broken 5D update.

Today is the end of the third week isnce I dropped my 5D Mk III off at Johnstones of Glasgow. So when I rang this morning I was hoping for good news. Sadly I got none. Apparently the camera is back from Canon, but Johnstones do not yet have all the parts they need to repair it, and it will take at least anther week. “All the parts” I asked them! There was even more wrong with it than I thought.

This is of course not Johnstones fault at all, they’re simply repairing it. Rather than rehash, I’ll simply paste here a copy of the email I sent to HDEWcameras after I’d spoken to Johnstones.


HI Fraser

RE:  our telephone conversation on Friday 20th September regarding the broken Canon 5D Mark III.

As you recall I contacted you just after receiving this camera to voice concerns that it had a 1021 shutter count even though it was brand new. Subsequently I noticed the following problems:

*Camera was underexposing in all modes by up to 2 stops.
*Original battery and other OEM batteries were drastically short in life span. One gave me only 4 shots and 20 minutes in the settings menu before being 52% drained.
* Micro adjust did not work. I tried it with 3 lenses, one of them being the 70-200 Mk II that I had just bought from you, and it would not work with any of them.
*Factory reset didn’t fully work as my Custom settings were retained.
*Shutter count of 1021 right out of the box.

I delivered this to Johnstones of Glasgow who said after 2 weeks that they had sent it to Canon, as it had so many faults, and it would be another week before it was repaired. 1 week later, I rang them again to be told that “…some of the replacement parts had been received, but we’re still waiting for some parts from Canon”. He added “It will be at least another week.”

That concerns me, both due to the length of time to repair this camera, and the long list of things that are wrong with it. Everything stated above suggests it is a camera that has already been sold, tried, and returned as faulty, and has somehow managed to be mistakenly resold as new, and you’re going to look into that to see if you can find any details.
Given the situation I’m sure now that I would prefer not to have the camera returned to me, and you’ve suggested that it would be appropriate to replace it, and you’ll check with your manager regarding this and contact me on Monday 23rd September.

I appreciate your time and understanding and the help so far and look forward to your call next week.


Gary Finnigan

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