Broken 5D update to date…

I’d heard nothing from Johnstones by Friday afternoon, and I had a very bad feeling, as Thursday night UPS tried to call me but the line was bad and we didn’t get to talk. So it was with only little surprise when I rang Johnstones that I found out they’d sent my camera to Coventry on Tuesday, without a word to me.

Now, idiocy springs to mind, as does incompetent. When I dropped the camera off, I told them I’d driven up here to do that, and would pick ┬áit up again when it was ready. The two times I phoned them asking for updates as to how things were going, I said ring me when it’s ready so I can collect. Did they? Did they fuck. Idiots. Incompetents.

The funny thing was when I told them how angry I was, the young man on the phone said “look I’ve said I’m sorry. What more do you want? Do you want someone sacked?” Cheeky little bastard. “No,” I said, “I’d never want someone to lose their job for a mistake no matter how incompetent that mistake was.” Unless of course they’re a brain surgeon….
“I want,” I said, “my camera back here so I can pick it up, so that I haven’t wasted 4 full weeks of waiting around for it, and so I don’t have to pay diesel to drive 5 hours and 300 miles to pick it up!!”

“That’s not up to me.” Mr Surly said, and I wondered in this day and age, how in fact he does keep his job when he speaks to people like that.
Anyway, I rang UPS who said I could not do anything with the parcel unless I came to their Staffordshire depot and showed them ID. I asked if Johnstones could redirect over the phone and they said yes.
So I then rang HDEWcameras and they said I was definitely getting a brand new replacement but they wanted the old camera back. I explained everything to them, and suggested Johnstones phone UPS and have them send the camera straight to HDEW, and HDEW send me my new one out, and HDEW speak to Johnstones.

So, roll on next week and see if I finally get my camera, 5 weeks after dropping the broken one off.

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