Sunderland Airshow 2013

I hadn’t been to the Sunderland Airshow for years, but I found out that this year they were having an opening ceremony on the Friday night, which included the Red Arrows display team, and fireworks.

I’d never seen the Red Arrows so that was a great draw, and I’ve never photographed fireworks before so I wanted to try it out. So off I went, blagged my way into a private parking area for a fiver to the security guard, and set off with camera and tripod to see what happened.

I’d sold my 100-400 zoom a couple of days before, so all I had was the 24-105, which I thought was no good for the job really but would have to do.  As it happened it was a godsend!

The red arrows were magnificent. I actually had a lump in my throat as they performed, and when they did a display called the Detonator, I was blown away and had to zoom out like a mad thing to get it all in.

I also got some great shots of a Lancaster bomber, winged by a Spitfire and a Hurricane. They were very small in the viewfinder, but with my camera being full frame it meant I could pick a small section of the photo and enlarge it to normal print size without it losing detail.
Amazing to think that the majority of flights in all these aircraft were piloted by young men around 18-20 years old, yet they undoubtedly saved this country from being overrun by the enemy.  Men of that age these days are still picking their spots and playing with X Boxes and driving their silly cars up and down car parks all night.

The fireworks were also great although it was a very calm and still evening, so the smoke form them did not disperse and spoiled the view somewhat. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and got some great pictures considering it was my first time.

I had a great evening there including seeing a couple of my work colleagues, and here’s some photos if you want to check them out. Click on the first pic to open them all.  🙂

Newcastle on Tyne Pride 2013

I attended the Newcastle on Tyne Pride yesterday, and stayed with it to Exhibition Park where they were jollities of all sorts. The atmosphere was like nothing else: excited, fun, friendly, inclusive, what a fantastic day.
I ended up taking over 1,600 photos so I’ll make a gallery on here when I get round to processing them all.

Finally got round to making a gallery! The difficult part was knowing which pictures to include as I loved them all!

Anyway, if you’re into photos, check these out:


7 years single!

Can you believe it? It’s 7 years since me and Jo split, so that’s how long I’ve been in the van too. Seems like a lifetime, and yet it also seems like it’s flown over. I still haven’t seen all I want to see or done all the things I wish to. So…*raises a glass* here’s to the next 7 years!