My new camera

I finally got my shiny new Canon 5D Mark III and guess what? I’m happy with it 🙂

From the day the Mark II was released and I got my hands on one, I was never impressed, despite all the reviews saying how great it was and all the pros rushing out and buying one. A lot of people seemed to focus on it’s video mode but it’s a still camera, and I felt video mode should not be centre stage.
Anyway, the IQ (Image Quality) is what counts for me, and it just wasn’t there in the Mk II.

It is in the Mark III though, sharpness and contrast being back on par with the Mark I, but greater tonal and dynamic range. It is what the Mark II should have been.
I think what large companies like Canon do is they make a product which they know will sell, but without devoting time and resources to it’s development. That way they get massive revenues for little outlay. It’s just revenue building. Then the next time they release the camera as it should have been, and we’re all pleased again and once more Canon are great for making a brilliant camera.

In fact they have this thing called Product Differentiation. This means the 6D has wireless and GPS built in, but no other camera has. The 7D has ultra fast shooting speed compared to other cameras. The 5D has better focussing etc etc etc. They say it’s because different people want different things so they make the different products. However, every person who owns a 5D Mark III would like GPS and wireless mode, but it’s not offered except as a very expensive add on.

They will never make the ‘ultimate’ camera, it’s just endless politics and revenue building.

Anyway, apart from it not being that good at low light focussing, I like the images it produces and that’s really what counts for me. I just wish it didn’t cost almost £2,000 to get great images.

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