Anddddddddddd the 5D Mark III it is!

After some lengthy deliberation, I have decided to buy the Canon 5D mark III.

It’s not my first choice, that would be the excellent Sony SLT-A99, which kicks the Canon into touch easily. The problem there is I have to get rid of all my Canon lenses and accessories and replace them with Sony. I’d lose a lot of money and have to spend a lot more too to get what I’ve got now. If I ever win the lotto it will be Sony all the way, failing that, I’ll have to make do with the Canon, although even as second best, it’s supposed to be a great camera. Time will tell.

I’m still looking for a deal. They are about £2,300 most places. I’ve found one for £1,939, but I’d like to find it a bit cheaper still if I can so wish me luck. If I can’t find one cheaper by the end of June I may have to pay the £1,939, as I’m going to Cornwall for summer so I’d like to have a camera by then.
As ever, I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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