No gas

In fact Orkney has no autogas at all! No worries, despite the gauge saying it’s empty I’ve checked the tank using the only reliable method known: tap it gently with a screwdriver. You can tell by the tone where the gas level starts. I’ve got about a half a tank so more than enough.

Getting to Stromness was a bit smelly, the fields are full of slurry yuk. Still, the farmers have to do their jobs. The main street in Stromness is odd. It’s about 8 feet wide in parts, and is flagged rather than tarmacked. It’s very pretty but I will from now on avoid it in the camper!

Kirkwall is just a town, nothing else. It may have hidden gems, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time exploring. I passed the Italian Chapel today though so I want to go back and have a ¬†look at that. It’s very peaceful here!

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