Every picture tells a story

When I write my blog I’m telling my story, but I’m also showing my story, and everyone has a love of pictures, which have supported story telling since before even languages were formed. The Rosetta stone is testament to this but also cave paintings by primitive humanids, some which are easily read,  hieroglyphics by ancient Egyptians and even the most beautifully artistic artworks in stained glass windows. All of these are ancient methods of telling stories to the extent we can go into most churches now and follow a simple story by the pictures offered.

The Bayeux Tapestry
A section of the Bayeux Tapestry

The Bayeux tapestry is a famous example of story telling through pictures, and if you ever visit Bayeux, you’ll see how simple it is to read the story by interpreting the pictures. The link given here shows how you can very quickly pick up the story. You’re not supposed to photograph the tapestry for some reason. Not even without flash, although that’s exactly what I did. I figured since their bloke came over here, killed Harold, made himself King and took our country, taking a photo of the their account of it wasn’t such a bad thing 🙂

The Sistine Chapel
The Sistine Chapel, Rome

Even in modern times most books have illustrations, and indeed the plethora of popular magazines on sale today sell themselves by their pictures, usually of celebrities, rather than by their editorial content. Some say there is a lack of morality and lack of education in people wanting such publications, however all newspapers sell themselves by using pictures, most in colour now, and there are prestigious awards for the top illustrators every year. In the art world pictures sell for scores of millions of £’s, and who hasn’t heard of the Mona Lisa? The painting has been discussed for centuries.
Perhaps just as well known are the frescos of the Sistine chapel, seen at left.

Therefore the moral argument for me is not about the use of photographs in magazines, but their content which is divisive.

As I am a very keen hobbyist photographer, and as I believe very much in the power of using pictures to enhance and support the stories I write on my blog, I was very disappointed when WordPress failed me and I couldn’t upload pictures to my posts anymore. 6 weeks of asking for help from the WordPress support forum didn’t help, but finally the techies from the company who host my site, Hosting Zoom, resolved the problem within 24 hours, despite it not really being their remit.
So now I am back to photo blogging and I am absolutely delighted to add some photos to this post 🙂

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