Cooper Rose

Last year I agreed to attend a works night out for the first time in years. I met up with my colleagues in the Cooper Rose in Sunderland, and we had the most fantastic night. I met some new staff who I’d not seen before so that was nice, and met some I hadn’t seen for a while.

The chat was good, the beer was flowing, and by about 10 pm my feet would not stay still, so I had to get up and dance. Now, I can’t dance, I probably look like a victim of some awful disease but….I LOVE dancing! And I dance to anything, be it popsicle mush, old house, rave or a nice ballad, I can dance to it. Mind you I only have 4 moves but I know how to mix and match them well 🙂

So, some time ago I agreed to go to the works meet tonight too, in the same venue. I’m back in the north east anyway seeing friends and family, so may as well catch up with my colleagues who I rarely see. I’ve even bought some new jeans. Only cos it was pay day yesterday 🙂  So have a lovely weekend all of you and I’m off to do something with my hair….

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