Calor protects it’s profits.

I ran out of gas today and went to fill my 2 Gaslow refillable tanks at a local Calor centre in Ayr. I’ve filled there before, but this time he must have seen me pull in as he came out to the van to ask what I wanted. When I said to fill my tanks, he said no, unless you have a proper, fitted, permanent gas tank. I haven’t, so was refused gas and had to drive around for another hour trying to find some. (Which I did eventually)

The reason he turned me away? Money.

Gaslow is a company that manufactures gas bottles which can be refilled at standard gas refilling stations. They have a cutout safety valve which prevents them being filled beyond 80%, and a safety release valve which conforms to the same standard as do the permanent tanks fitted to cars and other vehicles. So these aren’t really bottles, they are refillable tanks in the shape of bottles.  The beauty is you don’t have to continually swap bottles as you do with Calor’s fixed system, or swap bottles with some gas left in them, you simply refill. I’m certain Calor have scored many, many litres of gas off me when I’ve swapped bottles out knowing they were nearly empty, but of course when you rely on gas for heating and cooking you can’t wait until they ‘are’ empty.
The cost of swapping a 6kg Calor bottle is now £19.99, but the cost of filling one with autogas is only about £9. So of course Calor are losing huge profits on gas by the likes of me.

Now the guy’s excuse was that it was Calor policy not to fill my type of tank, as it was a safety concern. Yet the safety standard these bottles have is the exact same one permanent tanks have, so Calor is at best being disingenuous. I couldn’t argue with the bloke in the shop of course he’s just doing his job. But it annoys me that Calor are making a profit on the auto-gas anyway, but they are fleecing people who have to use bottled gas.

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