Ayr I go again

I’ve been around Ayr for a few days now, and I like the beaches. I’ve not ventured into town much yet but I did find out there’s a theatre. I get paid on Monday so I hope to book up for their performance of Beauty and the Beast next week. I’ve ordered some new reading glasses from Tesco which won’t be here til Tuesday so I’m around til at least then.

There’s been a few honkers last night and today, despite the fact I’m on an industrial estate by the sea, and where I’m parked is used by dog walkers and no-one else. Seriously, why blare your horn at me as you go past? Am I harming you in any way? Do I affect your life negatively? What is it I am doing by simply being here, exploring and taking photos that makes you angry? And have you ever considered that you disrupt the peace of people living nearby with your immature actions?  In six and  a half years not one of you has bothered to come up and speak to me and say your piece, and find out about me.
Today the police visited, because someone walking their dog decided to stop them and point out that I’d parked here two nights. So? The police were great, spoke to me for a while, took my details, apologised and explained they have to speak if someone has complained. They were polite, friendly and open which is more than can be said for the mindless few who drive past blaring their horns without even knowing who I am. I’m legal, a tax payer, spending money in your town whilst I’m here, explain how I am bothering your life?

Anyway, I couldn’t resist taking this pic as I was on the beach. I’m sure locals will instantly recognise it. The beach at Ayr is lovely and goes on far enough to satisfy most people.

Heads of Ayr
Sunset over the Heads of Ayr

The photo below is of Millers Folly, down close to the harbour at the river mouth.

Millers Folly, Ayr
Millers Folly, Ayr

As the story goes, this structure was built by Cromwells army back in the 1600’s and th area here was called Montgomeriestoun. Later it was made a Burgh of Barony. Then along comes this businessman John Miller, who bought it and conferred on himself the title of Baron.

He decided to add this tower structure to the end of the old citadel walls, although with no apparent function in mind, therefore it was called by the locals ‘Millers Folly’.

I don’t know yet what the Cannon is in the background. My guess would be a defensive piece left over by Cromwell’s army.

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