Ayr I am!

I came to Ayr last week when I was desperately seeking gas, and found the cheapest auto-gas I’ve had for ages. It worked out at 62p a litre, which is at least 13p less than I usually pay. Anyway, I went to get gas, then left again and went back to Stranraer. My first impression was of a sprawling city, so I wasn’t looking forward to coming because sprawling cities are anathema to me.

However when I arrived last night I was pleasantly surprise because I found a parking area down by the beach which is lovely. This is the view from the parking area:

Ayr headland
Ayr headland

Nice. So today, being a gorgeous sunny day, I had a lovely fried breakfast then set off along the beach with the dog. The views were great and there were lots of other dog walkers all who seemed friendly enough.
The promenade is over a mile long and is a recreation apparently of “The lang Scots mile”, which is over 200 yards longer than a standard English mile. It doesn’t feel at all like a mile when you walk it, and when the tide is out it’s best walked along the beach with the headland and Arran both in view.

It’s a shame that there was so much dog poo left around though, dog owners are getting better but still have to realise that no-one wants to see turds littering the streets, parks and beaches. And why bag it then drop it on the ground? It’s never far to a bin to dispose of it. Irresponsible dog owners irk me. As do incredibly lazy people who eat their fast food, and despite the promenade having numerous bins, they dump their styrofoam containers on the floor and the beach. This part of the beach in Ayr is beautiful in rain or sunshine and it’s a crying shame people can’t respect it to enjoy it more.

Mind you if you visit, before the sun has gone down the boy racers take over the car park. They have cars which are fitted with exhausts to make them deliberately noisy,¬†and many have bass-thumping music blaring out. They do nothing but drive up and down the promenade continuously. I’d love to know where they get the petrol money!
However from early morning to early tea time, the beach belongs to families and dog walkers and is an absolute pleasure. Even when the tide is in there’s enough sand to walk from the Heads of Ayr to the lighthouse at Wallacetown.

View of the Isle of Arran

The island you can see out there is Arran. I’d love to visit if I can get the camper over there. You may notice to the right of the picture there seems to be a darker patch on it’s own? Apparently that’s Holy Island, and is a Buddhist retreat. It’s around 20 miles off shore although it doesn’t look anything like that.
I’ll have to see if I can explore during my time off, as my dongle only has patchy coverage over there so I won’t be able to connect with work. That’s OK as I have 2 weeks off coming up so maybe make use of that time to explore Arran, Bute and a few other places.


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