ZomB Studios…scam?

You may have noticed I have changed the theme. I got the old one from ThemeForest, but it doesn’t work, and when I contacted the author, he basically told me that he is not required to give support, so tough. Here’s his email:

I’m sorry but all sales are final. I am also not required to support as stated in Themeforest terms and conditions. I also do not reply to emails generally. I hope this information helped.
Have a good day,
Zomb Studios
ThemeForest when I emailed them stated that $40 is not that much, so they don’t bother asking authors to support their work.

It’s all a bit of a scam methinks, so if you’re looking for a theme to use, perhaps ThemeForest and ZomBStudios are not the places to go.


**Updated: ThemeForest offered me a refund on the grounds that the theme was indeed faulty and not as described. Let’s see if it comes through.

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