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As some may notice I’m currently in the process of updating this blog. It lay dormant for some considerable time, that was obviously my fault, but not helped by incredibly poor support from Heart Internet over an extended period of time. The story about them and about how I had to call in ‘the law’ over their practices will be covered in another post eventually.

That other post is written in a notepad, along with hundreds of other notes about posts I should have made at the time. A real paper notepad, not an electronic one. I’ll get them all filled in to cover the last 6 years, and add new ones as I go, but this is going to take time.

So, first priority is to go back and check old posts. This is to make sure any photos on them are displaying, the titles are correct, any links are valid, as many tags as I can think of are entered for them and that locations are added as appropriate, for the Google map widget. Yes, the one that isn’t working at present lol I’ll be taking a hammer to it later and fixing it.

Then when that’s complete I’ll be adding posts retrospectively from my notes, so expect to see some appearing from right back in 2006!

Finally, there is already a link to my main photosite, but I’ll be adding more links once the reorganisation of that site is complete. That’s when you will be able to see many photos of  a place I visited instead of just one. They’ll also be of high quality and large size for comfortable viewing and remember, any photo you see on my site can be bought from my main site image-ination. 🙂

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