No, not the veg, the box on the roof that Isatlan fitted for the satellite cables Grr!

I’ve been trying to get to Scotland for the winter and I’m stuck here sorting problems out and now that has started leaking. It was the devils ow job to get it off but once it was off it was clear it had been leaking for some considerable time. The wood is soft and warped under the aluminum on the roof.

I bought a new box from CES and some water proof sealant. The sealant alone was £15!! Never mind if it works I’m happy.  I also bought a box of sealant which is in a roll. It’s a gooey sort of mastic on a roll, it’s about an inch wide and 3 metres long. It says it’s waterproof so it can’t hurt to add some of that as a bed for the box to lie on, and to seal under the rubber seal of the flue. Just an added precaution. Let’s ope that’s an end of it.


Well I got to Bamburgh safely despite some flooded roads, but on parking, got caught in some wire hidden in deep grass and ripped half of the bumper clean off the van. Everything from the left side of the number plate was lying on the ground.
So tonight I’ve tried repairing it using for the first time a fibreglass kit. I need some wood from somewhere to repair the side panel too, as the bumper screws into this, and there’s a section about 8 inches wide torn into pieces. I’m sure I can find some tomorrow from somewhere.
Wish me luck!


**Update. First time I’ve used fibreglass repair, it’s a doddle! Bumper now repaired and back on, although not fixed properly. I’ll wait til better weather to do it right 🙂

Christmas Scrooge

As some of you know, I’ve had a miniature Christmas tree on my dashboard for about 3 years now. It’s been through 3 MOT’s, and I recently bought new decorations and lights for it. But today this nob head copper decides to blue light me leaving a local shopping park, and insists I take it down, on the grounds that “your view of the road is, in my opinion impaired.”
I replied that due to my high seating position in my camper, I probably had a much better view of the road than he did in his car. We argued for a few seconds til he pulled his trump card, saying “take it down now and we’ll forget all about it, or I’ll ticket you and you’ll be fined and get 3 points on your licence.”
Of course I had no choice but to take it down there and then, probably by doing so, giving him something to wank over tonight.

My Xmas treeHere’s my tree, complete with angel 🙂

Odd that you can be pulled for having a Christmas tree on your dashboard, but offering a very rigid finger to a cop as you drive away seems not to be an arrestable offence….

A new start

I’ve decided to invest in a new look for The Last Great Adventure, and update some of the content. It’s going to take a little while to get photos and more stories online, but I hope you like it as it develops.
Keep checking back as the site grows with new content, and as I add new portfolios of photographs. Your feedback is appreciated.