Storage is a big issue in most motorhomes, especially those under 3.5 tonnes as there’s limited space and limited payload. Every bit of space is used in my van and I continually lok for new ways to use space and new ways to store things.

There are cupboards at head height but you don’t want weight at head height, you want wight lower down so as to limit the amount of roll your van has, especially when cornering. It makes sense to have light things up a height so I used one of the head height cupboards for storing my socks and underwear. The problem was that every time I opened the cupboard it all fell out.

My Poundland cupboard retainer
My Poundland cupboard retainer

So while in Poundland one day I found this plastic mesh that it designed to keep litter and detritus from entering your rain guttering on your house. I bought a roll and cut some a little longer than the cupboard is wide, then put some cheap Poundland gaffer tape along the edge and used a staple gun to fix it to the inside of the cupboard frame. 

The result is fantastic. It has a little give in it so it’s OK if you catch it when getting things out, it doesn’t rot or mark your clothes, it’s very easy to take back out and is very light so there’s no extra weight in the van. Also it’s at the right price. 
I daresay if I fitted it a little tighter than it is in this cupboard, it would even work for slightly heavier things. 






My collection of herbs and spices
My collection of herbs and spices

I am a very big herb and spice user in cooking, and I tend to buy most stuff in bulk but often you get product in large/bulky containers or bags that are not resealable. So I got some ziplock freezer bags from Poundland which I think are excellent value as they last for ages and you get 20 in a box. 

I put all the herbs and spices into these bags and label them and then store them all in a wicker basket. This cuts down on heavy glass jars, bulky plastic jars and large bags that last months but can’t be resealed. 

I love this way of organising and of course all the things are in one place too which makes selection very easy when cooking. The ziplock is so easy to open and close that usage is easy too. Save weight, make things easy, that’s what life is about in a motorhome.

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