This ‘living in a house’ business is not for me!

That’s my lot, I’m moving out. Stupid people are difficult to overcome because you can’t reason with them, and you have to stoop to their level to fight them, which leaves your self-esteem battered. The manager of the house has clearly got some serious emotional issues, and as she’s failed miserably to make me want her, she’s attacking me at every step of the way. The house is falling apart and I called the council out who took numerous photos, checked the basement and said it was a severe fire hazard, and said the sealed windows were in fact illegal. Wall paper is hanging off the walls, all my lights in the bedroom have stopped working but no sign of them being fixed and we’ve constantly got buckets all over the conservatory floor because of the leaks. There’s so much childish drama it’s unreal and the Dutch and Russian women stay out of the way now, so I’ve got no-one with a brain to chat to.

It wasn’t just any house, it was this house that put me off living indoors again and the people in it, and the state of Wisbech town which obviously I need to visit for shopping etc.

Wisbech park
Wisbech park

This is the entrance to the pretty little park. You can see Eastern Europeans drinking here at 8 am on sunny days. The corner of the park is their toilet. They have never hassled me or interfered with me in any way, but it’s just not nice to see them. Even the girls who hang out there simply hitch their skirts up and hang their bums over the kerb to pee. Anyway, the van is packed, I’m setting off first thing in the morning. I’m actually really excited to be going back on the road 🙂 Whahoooooo….here I come!!

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