South Shields . . . deprived? Or just bad?

I’ve written before about how every time I visit South Shields, something bad happens. Well last night was no exception.

I was walking Jack on the Leas and we love it along there, and decided to walk all the way to the south pier at Tynemouth. We did, and apart from the incredible amount of litter on the beach, we had a great time. As we passed Trow point we saw a film crew with a large WW2 truck and gun set up. No idea who is filming but it was quite realistic the way they had the gun emplacement built.

Later I parked at the Leas itself and listened to the waves and smelled the sea as I sat reading my book.  I love the beach.

Later, despite the wind I thought I felt something. I opened the rear blind, and here’s this young lad trying to steal my bike lol He’s got no chance cos the 2 chains are over an inch thick and without a serious angle grinder there’s no way he’s getting through those. Nevertheless the sportswear clad would-be thief was still having a go.  Which kind of shows his level of intelligence if nothing else.

As soon as the blind went up and the dog went mad, he ran off and by the time I’d got to the door he was gone. I left South Shields and went to Gateshead for the night. Much as I like the Leas, I think I’ll make that my last trip to Shields. Clearly they have a crime problem there that’s worse than anywhere in the country so I’m staying away til they get it sorted.

Sorry, but this means that 90% of all attempts to damage me or my van, or steal from me or my van, occur in the North East of England, specifically South Shields and Sunderland. I’ll stay south of Scotch Corner as much as I can from now on.

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