Vodafone, Otelo, Ofcom and flying pigs.

Today I finally, after 5 months, got the response from Otelo that they promised last summer I’d have in 4-6 weeks.

When you have a problem with Vodafone, you contact Otelo who deal with it on your behalf. Ofcom don’t actually get involved at all. However your problem must have existed for 12 weeks before you can contact Otelo, (this is set to change to 8 weeks this year) and you must have used Vodafone’s internal complaints system. Well that part actually makes sense.

My basic problem is, my mobile broadband dongle with Vodafone stopped working very well, then stopped working at all last year. Between January and May I had problems which resulted in it being unusable. I was still paying the monthly fee the whole time. Vodafone sent me two new dongles, but as a program on Radio 4 recently highlighted, it’s the service itself that is at fault. They have basically oversubscribed their service, are not willing to invest anymore money in it, but are still actively selling the service. It’s not just me either. Visit Vodafone’s online forum and you will see hundreds of people with the same problem.

So after months of deliberation, Otelo has decided that even though I have constantly been paying my monthly fee, have had little service since Jan last year and none at all from May, their decision is that Vodafone should send me a written apology and refund me…wait for it…£30.

So as far as I am concerned, Otelo is just another paper exercise, same as the toothless trading standards and other useless organisations.

My advice to anyone suffering problems with Vodafone is don’t go down the complaints route you will get nowhere. Best just cancel your contract and go to O2 or Three both of whom offer a reasonable mobile broadband experience.