I’m going to be on TV

Well this is odd. I’ve not owned a TV since 2006, yet here I am, being filmed to go on TV!
How did that happen I hear you ask?
The company that I work for use customers in their official ads. Currently they’re filming a set of ‘bumpers’ for Emmerdale. Bumpers are a short scene that comes just before the programme starts, just before and after ad breaks, and right at the end. I had gone down to Teddington studios to help out with all the customers who were arriving, and got roped into it!

Teddington Studios
Teddington Studios

It was actually a very tiring day, meeting and greeting the customers as they came in, making sure they knew where everything was, getting to know them and helping them mingle together, and generally entertaining them until it was time to film. They started to drift in at 8 am and I finally left at a little after 9 pm.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even going through make up and pre-shoot. The actual filming lasted about 8 seconds and all I was required to do was shrug! lol I did want Jack to be in on it, but health and safety rules meant he’d have to be checked and assessed by a vet prior to being on set, in case he turns out to be a ferocious man-eater…
The strangest thing was getting phone calls for a few weeks from friends saying “haven’t I just seen you on Emmerdale!!”

A long hard day but one I enjoyed immensely and yet another experience to add to my ‘full’ life.

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