I’m going to be on TV

Well this is odd. I’ve not owned a TV since 2006, yet here I am, being filmed to go on TV!
How did that happen I hear you ask?
The company that I work for use customers in their official ads. Currently they’re filming a set of ‘bumpers’ for Emmerdale. Bumpers are a short scene that comes just before the programme starts, just before and after ad breaks, and right at the end. I had gone down to Teddington studios to help out with all the customers who were arriving, and got roped into it!

Teddington Studios
Teddington Studios

It was actually a very tiring day, meeting and greeting the customers as they came in, making sure they knew where everything was, getting to know them and helping them mingle together, and generally entertaining them until it was time to film. They started to drift in at 8 am and I finally left at a little after 9 pm.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even going through make up and pre-shoot. The actual filming lasted about 8 seconds and all I was required to do was shrug! lol I did want Jack to be in on it, but health and safety rules meant he’d have to be checked and assessed by a vet prior to being on set, in case he turns out to be a ferocious man-eater…
The strangest thing was getting phone calls for a few weeks from friends saying “haven’t I just seen you on Emmerdale!!”

A long hard day but one I enjoyed immensely and yet another experience to add to my ‘full’ life.

Dentist update.

On  tea-break from work. My jaw hurts like hell and I had to have paracetamols this morning again. It’s not bleeding anymore but it’s very sore, not just the gum where he took the tooth out but the jaw itself. My lip is bust inside too tut

I’ll be writing that letter tonight to complain.

Mobile madness!!

Is it just me that finds the deals on mobile phones an utter maze?

My Vodafone (spit) PAYG SIM is staying for the evenings as it has stop the clock. So my rate is 20p per minute, so 60p gets me an hour. So, if I top up £20, I get 33.3 hours or 200o minutes for that £20. Assuming I don’t text of course.

So today I got an asda SIM. It works off the Vodafone network, but has a flat rate of 8p per minute all the time to everywhere.  So if you used 2000 minutes on that it would be 16,000p or £160. Mmmm.

So, use Vodafone SIM for the evenings for stop the clock, and the ASDA SIM for during the day at cheap rates. Seems like a good plan to me cos I have 2 phones.

Bloody dentists Grr!

Just been to my dentist. What an ignorant rude ill mannered man he is. You ask for dental advice and he says he can’t predict the future. What? Idiot.

He’s that bad I’m actually going to write to the practice to complain. It’s now 6 hours after extraction and my jaw hurts like hell and the gum still has not stopped bleeding.

… and come back.

White cliffs of Dover
White cliffs of Dover

The most incredible, heart-warming and welcoming sight of blighty that anyone returning home has. Except me, because I don’t want to be here.

However I must jump the thieving politicians hoops to help pay for their next war, so to prevent Citizen Control … oops! I mean Border Control, from impounding my van and my dog and doing whatever else they choose, I have to make myself legal.

I’ll try and update now and again.

It’s time to go …


Well there I was in Arques, minding my own business when I happened to pass a vets. I popped in and asked “Je boisin de prendre de rendezvous pour mon chien pour le vaccine”?

She replied “Aj’hourd’hui?”

I said “Non, Vendredi. Cinq et demi?”

She checked her book and said “Oui monsieur” and that was it. I was booked in for Jack’s vaccinations to return to the UK.

I wandered back through town to the van, choosing the route along the canal which takes about an hour and a half. When I got back I started the laptop and booked ferry tickets for Saturday morning.  I had to do it sometime, I’ve got things to attend to not least taxing the van and getting new insurance. So … there’s me sitting by the dock, watching my boat come in. I have to say I am mightily sad. However ….

Hands up those who believe in fate? I took Jack off up the car park as we had an hour to wait and it’s a large one, so he could have a run around before the crossing. We wandered to the far edge which was partitioned off and around the top where there are some huge dumpsters.

As I was passing one, I heard a faint yowling. The unmistakable cry of a frightened cat. It only took a minute to find the pathetic little creature, stuck in one of the dumpsters and he was clearly cold, frightened and very much trapped.  I jammed a block of wood under the lid of the dumpster and stuck the camera in. This is what I saw. I’m 5′ 7″ so the top of the dumpster is about 6 feet, and the lip, where they’re emptied and there’s a hatch on the front, is easily 4 feet off the ground and weighs a ton. Kitty has no way to get out of that thing. Interestingly, kitty had no way to get in either.

I checked around it cos I’ve been around cats all my life and I know how agile and purposeful they can be. However I decided there was no way that this cat could have got himself into this dumpster. So, who put him there and why? Someone who didn’t know the rules for bringing animals into the UK? I’ve no idea but I decided I was going to get kitty out!

I climbed onto the top of the dumpster to check out his situation and got covered in oil and grease and unspeakable things in the process. There’s a hatch on top so I had a good view of him.

Trapped kitty
Trapped kitty

Now as you can see, if I go in there and try to catch him, quite apart from getting ripped to shreds I am going to struggle to get out. The roof of it is easily my head height, so getting out would be possible, but I’d have to throw my clothes away and would still stink for a week.

So, I found a pallet and broke off 2 lengths, then used a larger block to jam the lid up. This way I could easily slide the two pallet planks down the sloping entrance to the dumpster, and within a second of my going round the back and banging the metal wall of the dumpster with a brick, kitty was up those planks and away like a shot.

So,  I still have to get on the ferry and come back to the UK, but at least my four month stay in France left one person extremely happy.  Bon chance kitty and Hiya UK, see you in an hour or so!