Dust to dust…

Whilst visiting Evreux I found a camera shop so decided to see what could be done about the horrendous marks appearing on all of my photos. I know what’s causing them, it’s dust and debris on the sensor. The problem is try as I might, I don’t seem able to get rid of them. So, I bought this dust kit:


As you can see, €72.90 so not cheap at all, nut necessary. All of my photo are being ruined.

Anyway, what you do is you take the plastic ‘spatula’ which fits your camera, wrap one of these special cloths around the end, soak it with special fluid, and wipe the sensor. Hey presto they claim, it cleans your sensor perfectly.  In fact what it does is, it leaves abrasion marks on the low-pass filter which covers the sensor and therefore renders it permanently useless. I haven’t got a spare couple of thousand quid to replace it, so now I got a permanently damaged camera. Great.

My advice, don’t touch these kits with a bargepole.


BBC and their complaints procedure

Over a period of time I developed a dissatisfaction with the BBC. They are in my opinion, breaking the terms of their charter.

So I took advantage of their complaints procedure and wrote to them. After a couple of weeks of no reply, I decided to write again. Another couple of weeks went by and still no response, so I wrote again, but this time as well as commenting on the lack of response to my original complaint, I also made a complaint that their complaints process wasn’t working as I hadn’t had a reply to any of my emails. So I wished to complain about their complaints process not working.

Guess what? Yup that’s right … no reply!! So this week I’m going to send a good old fashioned letter to whoever is in charge because the BBC is publicly funded and MUST answer to licence payers.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Rouen is ruined

Emergency lights
Emergency lights

I’ve decided to leave Rouen at the weekend.  I’ll sort the photos out later.

I can’t put up with the constant sirens anymore. It’s every single day without fail, throughout the entire day.

There was a period where sirens were sounding continuously for over 20 minutes. I’ve seen emergency vehicles pass each other going in the opposite direction to each other with sirens going and blue lights flashing.

It’s 95% fire vehicles and although I have never seen a fire, I have never seen a fire vehicle being driven without sirens or lights, so I assume there is a policy that when being driven, even if they are just going to the post office, they use sirens and lights. It’s the only explanation.

I quite like Rouen but this policy if that’s what it is, has ruined Rouen for me and I can’t wait to get back to some peace and quiet.

I’ve been to church!

St Maclou
St Maclou

I found this church in Rouen, called St Maclou’s. Turns out that it is named after a Welshman called Mac Low. Not only that, but the town in Brittany called St Malo is named after him!

Anyway, not by any stretch of the imagination is this church the nicest one I’ve come across, but it did have something about it and I enjoyed my visit so much, I stayed for mass.

I love the way the French sing during mass, and I love the way they turn and shake hands with anyone who is close to them during the sermon. Despite being brought up catholic I’ve never seen this happen before although friends of mine say they have.

I’m going back to take some more pictures later as the ones I have got were taken on a very high ISO and Canon hadn’t sorted out a decent noise filter for the 5D grrrr

Bad, but still not Man-Flu!

My scald
My scald

Well, here’s what you get for a) not dressing a wound b) playing rough with a dog

While playing Jack dived on me and ripped some of the burned skin, grazing the flesh underneath and causing it to bleed. He made a right mess and it hurt!

But stoically I rinsed it clean, swabbed it with alcohol and carried on: just like most men would, instead of whining like most women would :p